Making Music “With Love”

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Making Music “With Love”

**Multimedia Artist DiLee Set to Release New Album and Tour**

(Los Angeles, CA) Prolific singer and media artist DiLee has gone back into the studio to continue doing what she loves, making music that sends a strong and powerful message. Her new album, “With Love,” is expected to be submitted next year for consideration in the 60th Grammy Awards. This new album was made with an important message in mind, that all lives matter and each of us are a particle of love.

Her strong sense of culture and heritage has long contributed to her International Star status. She is a multi-talented role model who is always looking to give back to her supporters. As a way to open up and sing Love’s praises, DiLee will be performing overseas in December and singing for the terminally ill upon her return.

In a recent headline interview, DiLee admitted that she lyrically and melodically focuses her energy on transcending all boundaries that separate cultures and generations. “My hope is that people can find themselves in my music through the magic of truth and kindness. In my new album I hope to portray a message that all lives matter and we need to embrace the importance of centered connectedness rather than self-centeredness.”

DiLee currently has a project on where your contributions and support are integral in advancing not only the project, but also in spreading her message that we are all created in love. The songs for the album are already written and just need to be re-recorded. DiLee’s hope is to host a benefit concert in Los Angeles for several charities as well as a five city US tour and an eight city world-wide event. Her international celebrity status has been well deserved and continues to propel her music to audiences of future generations!

About DiLee: DiLee is a media artist in Los Angeles, California. Her strong sense of culture and heritage comes from being a half Chinese, and half Italian, American. Music is one of her many creative facets with the object of positivity in bringing our essence together to transcend all cultural & national borders in the celebration of this beautiful thing called life, that we all share together around the world. To DiLee, being a positive role model is a responsibility she takes seriously. Part of that responsibility is admitting you are human and touching peoples’ lives. DiLee stands for goodness, equality, love, and describes herself as a soft warrior. Being a soft warrior to her means she can show compassion and love, but also is able to stand up and fight for what she believes in.

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Full House at Genghis Cohen with Dīlee

Dīlee was touched that her last performance at Genghis Cohen in West Hollywood, CA was a full house.

She performed and announced her highly anticipated new song entitled “Holding Onto Nothing (But Love)” will be released next month. Dīlee has indicated she will sign with a major label for distribution and has been told this song has what it takes for major radio broadcast.

Commentary after Saturday’s event was in unison despite the fact that most people did not know each other. Several audience members stated,

“Her original songs are so good!”

“She touched my heart deeply.”

“I can’t wait until her next performance!”

“It was a spiritual experience for me.”

“I love the energy from her live performances.”

“Her latest song made me cry; very touching.”

Dīlee’s next live performance is Wed, October 12th, 2016, in San Jose at JJ Blues. More to come soon.